SINCE 1997 professional dog training in CT and NY

Lisa Allan, MA, ABCDT


Thank you for your interest in making your dogs life happier and healthier!  You are a wonderful dog parent to seek out answers and solutions to the common to not so common behavior of our dogs.

A little about me:

I have a graduate degree in Psychology, I am a mentor and graduate of Animal Behavior College, a member of APDT and Professional Pet Guild. I am a Dog Bite Safety Educator through DogGone Safe, a “Be A Tree” presenter and a certified “Fun Scents Games” instructor.  I am a certified evaluator for the “AKC Canine Good Citizen” test and PPG’s “Pet Dog Ambassador” program.  My ongoing commitment to professional development and continuing education include active attendance at multiple professional seminars, workshops and classes each year. I employ only the most up-to-date and scientifically sound training methods. 


I appreciate your commitment and dedication.  Everyone can benefit from learning more about their dogs, their behavior, body language, their needs, etc.  There’s always more to learn about strengthening our bonds and relationships with our dogs.


Take all your preconceived notions about “dog training” and throw them out the window.  Although I am a certified dog trainer, I am not comfortable with the title.  I don’t necessarily “train” dogs.  I don’t work with show dogs or focus on creating robot dogs who must sit, stay, down, rollover, etc. immediately on command.  There is absolutely a place for obedience in my programs but to me it’s more of an exercise to strengthen the bond you and your dog have.  Your dog looks to you for guidance and if you don’t provide that, they will do whatever they want when they want.  Your dog wants your guidance and depends on you to be confident, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  You are their teacher and they want to be taught. 


When I talk about being a teacher or leader to your dog, I do not use the phrase “pack leader” or worse, “alpha”.  I don’t go too much into my thoughts about those terms unless you really want to know :)  Or unless we are working together.  There are different theories out there but I have dedicated years to researching studies and sorting through scientific evidence of what works in the best interest of your dogs health and emotional well being.


This is the first step to an amazing journey of learning what your dog is saying to you!  Dogs are always talking to you and to each would be amazed how well they communicate and tell you exactly what they want and need.  You just need to start listening. 


To me, all the work I do is not training.  Do we “train” our children?  Dogs are highly social, very intelligent, members of our families.  “Training” sounds insulting to me.  Let me show you who your dog is, what he is telling you and show you how to provide for them just as we do our own children. 


I use many different methods to help and guide you through your dogs different stages of development and guide you through the tougher times.  Exercise, socialization, play, bonding, video analysis, assessments, day training, games, and work are only some of the techniques I rely on to help you, help your dog. 


This letter is the first step to introducing myself to you.  You will also learn that I am a huge advocate of rescue and work very hard to find dogs appropriate homes and to KEEP them in those homes.  Too many people surrender their dogs too quickly.  All dogs have an adjustment period and the first thing you need to provide them is patience, commitment and understanding.  PLEASE remember to have patience and to not give up.  I know the feeling of wanting to just give up...Stick it out and that will only make your relationship stronger!


IF you haven’t gotten your new dog home yet, please read about our counseling service

Please do not tire your dog out before our consultation.  It’s important to meet your dog in his most natural state.


Note: Private consultations are not the only way you should consider working and learning about your dog.  Group classes are wonderful...more than just obedience classes, I provide an open forum for anyone who would like to participate.  Topics vary and will depend on what the group would like to discuss.  Please let me know what days and times are good for you and would you be interested in attending a discussion.  These are very fun and informative.

When I work with a family, I offer free online messaging, group chats, text messaging and video chat!  You will find I’m extremely flexible with everything, including costs.  Cost should NEVER be a factor in making a dogs life better.  As long as you are willing, committed and open minded, we will make it work.  

If you have any questions or comments please complete the form to the right.