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20 Years experience. dog behavior in bethel, CT 


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Toss away old school training methods and experience the benefits of working with Club Canine in Bethel!

Relationship, play, imitation training and research based methods

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FREE E books for before and after you get your new puppy!

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We use science based positive techniques.  Read our Positive Training Principles and tips!

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Club Canine, Bethel, CT

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Our future is bright and full of new ideas.  Some of our upcoming projects in club canine in bethel involve...

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Dogs of any age welcome at club canine in Bethel with prior approval!We like to have groups that work well together and prior knowledge of attendance helps us create a safe play space!

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Club Canine in Bethel

32 Stony Hill Rd.

Bethel, CT

Serving Westchester and Fairfield Counties


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  • Tailored Treatment Plans
  • Socialization
  • New Puppy "Great Start"
  • Fearful Dogs
  • Levels Group Classes!

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  • Education
  • Research
  • Experience
  • Rescue
  • Behavior Solutions


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